The LIAISON® XL is a fully automated chemiluminescence analyzer, performing complete sample processing. LIAISON® XL utilizes “Flash” chemiluminescence technology (CLIA) with paramagnetic microparticle solid phase.

The Advantage

The LIAISON® XL Analyzer is an  example of an instrument that has been transformed from an analytical measuring instrument into a fully automated chemiluminescence solution that completely integrates into the laboratory routine.

The Brief

The success story of the LIAISON® series began in the early 90’s, when Stratec and Byk Gulden completed the initial development of a robust chemiluminescence analyzer – the  LIAISON® Analyzer.

Due to the remarkable market success of this instrument, a new Analyzer was conceived in a close partnership between Stratec and DiaSorin (acquisition of Byk Sangtec, former Byk Gulden). DiaSorin’s vision for the project required careful consideration and evaluation of many different ideas and concepts. As a result, a next generation immunoanalyzer, the LIAISON® XL Analyzer, which combines lessons-learned from the LIAISON® success story together with the demands of a growing modern chemiluminscence market, was born.

Our Solution

In the new LIAISON® XL Analyzer, Stratec addressed the challenge of maximized usability and created a system that incorporates full random access with continuous loading. This provides the user with unprecedented control of their workflow.

The system is equipped for true continuous loading so the workflow never needs to be interrupted.  The implementation of an intermediate container for system liquids and wash buffer allows the user to empty containers while the system is in progress. The same benefit applies to samples, plastic and liquid consumables. Due to this modern design, all associated consumables can be loaded or unloaded independently from assay processing.

Another example of the LIAISON® XL Analyzers flexibility is the sample area, which allows the loading of a wide variety of tube sizes.

The cuvette supply of the LIAISON® Analyzer was reviewed, with the target to maximize flexibility. Where the LIAISON® Analyzer handles a bundled package of six cuvettes, its big brother the LIAISON® XL processes single cuvettes, which are treated independently.

As more and more labs use Lab Automation System (Tracks) to transport samples the need for Automation System flexibility has become increasingly important. To address this, Stratec has created an LAS upgrade kit that modifies the LIAISON® XL Analyzer and allows connection to many common Lab Automation Systems.

The LIAISON® XL Analyzer has been developed in such a way that flexibility and security go hand in hand. The instrument supports the user as much as possible. No detailed background information about the technical functionality of the system is needed – the system tells the user its needs. Furthermore, integrated process control and additional safety features minimize hands-on times and the risk of functional or operator errors.

The success of LIAISON® XL is also a result of the close partnership of two companies, who are constantly searching for new technologies and are able to look together beyond the current horizon. For example, to be in line with the current market trends of increased assay processing capacity, the throughput of the in the Liaison® XL has been optimized compared to the LIAISON® Analyzer. This was made feasible by doubling the washing capacity, and by splitting the pipetting phases of reagents and samples into two different cycles and incorporating an incubator capable of hosting up to 80 cuvettes.

Stratec can proudly state:
The LIAISON® XL Analyzer combines German engineering brilliance and elegant Italian design in a new, flexible, fully automated chemiluminescence analyzer.

Due to DiaSorin’s expert understanding of market needs and Stratec’s ability to realize a solution during the development phase, there are now more than 8000 of the market leading LIAISON® XL Analyzer systems in the field.