Developed for mass spectrometry applications in IVD.

The Advantage

  • design suitable for high-volume production
  • mastering
  • fabrication by injection molding
  • back-end processing (coating processes)
  • packaging
  • QC services & conformity with ISO13485

The Brief

  • quality and versatility
  • single-use product for IVD applications
  • 48-well microscope slide format – suitable for manual or automated robotic sample spotting
  • inter instrument compatibility
  • enhanced flatness meeting the high requirements of MALDI-MS
  • conductive polymer material to prevent electric charging
  • surface with defined wetting behavior
  • serial bar-codes for slide/sample identification & tracking
  • ISO13485 and GMP compliant
  • packaged and labeled for the end-user

Our Solution

  • multiple end-user benefits 
  • single-use disposables eliminate risk of cross contamination
  • secure sample tracking
  • low-cost archiving
  • reduced sample preparation time

Our Service

  • Design
  • Molding
  • Coating
  • Assembly
  • Packaging