Lunatic Plate, High Lunatic - Stunner Plate



Label free quantification and quality analysis of nucleic acids, protein and viral samples.

The Advantage

  • milestone-based proactive development with instrument developer
  • suitability of design and material for high optical quality
  • high-volume manufacturing
  • precision lamination
  • customized bulk packaging
  • application QC and conformity with ISO 13485

The Brief

  • a robust microfluidic chip for easy operation
  • new concept for an affordable microfluidic plastic chip
  • design and material for high optical quality down to λ=230nm
  • design for a single micro-cuvette (Lunatic Plate) and a two microcuvette slide (High Lunatic - Stunner Plate) for easy loading of 2 μl samples
  • reproduceable high-precision lamination which guarantees flatness and no bonding defects

Our Solution

  • precise lamination to guarantee reproducibility
  • fully automated process with 100 % in-line check
  • automation eliminates manual handling and hence reduces the risk of contamination
  • functional testing
  • customized bulk packaging
  • manufacturing in compliance with ISO 13485

Our Service

  • Design
  • Molding
  • Mastering
  • Bonding
  • Packaging