MosaiQ™ by Quotient



The timely delivery of safe and compatible blood products to patients is critical. MosaiQ by Quotient will be the world’s first fully automated, consolidated testing platform for blood grouping and donor serological disease screening. MosaiQ will allow for rapid, extensive antigen/antibody typing of donor and patient blood utilizing a single Microarray (or consumable). The extended phenotyping and anti-body identification capabilities with results available in less than 35 minutes, enable the prospect of better matched blood and reduced risk of alloimmunization and other adverse effects arising from a transfusion.

The Advantage

By offering the most comprehensive testing menu on a single automated testing platform, MosaiQ will offer the potential for improved clinical practice by making it possible to provide better matched blood and will bring considerable operating efficiencies, both in a donor-testing and patient-testing environment.

MosaiQ is also being developed to streamline all mandatory transfusion transmissible infection screening for donor red blood cells and plasma.

The Brief

Quotient’s dedication to transfusion diagnostics is evidenced by over 30 years of experience in the field of reagent development and production. Its strong heritage and focus enable Quotient to create innovative solutions that anticipate and address customers’ needs. Quotient was looking for a reliable and experienced partner in instrument development. The goal was to build the next generation of blood grouping and disease screening instrument using advanced protein microarray technology. The resulting fully automated MosaiQ system aims to deliver increased laboratory efficiencies and improved clinical practice that will lead to improved patient outcomes

Our Solution

In less than 5 years an instrument was developed in close cooperation between Quotient scientists and Stratec engineers with the overall challenge of bringing together new technologies into one consolidated system.

Our solution presents a highly flexible instrument with various options to satisfy the needs of a high throughput market (donor establishments or blood banks) as well as hospitals. With the options of direct plumbing and direct drain, the walk away time can be expanded to a full shift of 8 hours once the instrument is running. A total of 1000 microarrays per shift can be processed.

Samples can be loaded via racks in a continuous sample-loading mode.

Our solution provides an easy to use reagent loading concept which is common for detection reagents, enhancement reagents, sample diluents and wash buffer. The instrument can be either fully equipped at the start of a run or reloaded after. Special benefits of the wash buffer reconstitution on board include less interaction during a run due to needed re-loading and lower storage needs, as wash buffer is being created just in time when needed.

Latest technology is used for the reagent bottles dispense head combination providing full light and oxygen protection for sensitive reagents, leading to higher reagent life times. Improved usability and safety around handling of the reagents is also on the list of benefits included by Stratec’s c-dose reagent package concept.

For imaging of the Microarray a dark field illumination is used which increases sensitivity for even low concentrated and rare antibodies.

As a good system is not only characterized by its hardware, new hardware techniques are combined with an ease of use for the operator. The developed software is structured in a way that an operator is easily finding sample specific results and resource specific needs of the instrument. The instrument guides through all needed maintenance fully automated.

*MosaiQ is not yet commercially available or approved by any government agency. Menus and capabilities are subject to change.