Simoa ™ Disc



Ultra-sensitive protein detection using single molecule arrays.

The Advantage

  • design for cost-efficient high-volume production
  • optimized design for optimal analytical performance and results
  • fabrication by injection molding
  • deformation-free assembly by high-speed laser welding
  • customized packaging
  • in-line QC and conformity with ISO 13485

The Brief

  • increase laboratory efficiency and high throughput workflow with array design
  • design of prototypes for mass manufacturing
  • integrate arrays and fluidics to enable fully automated load and seal
  • high integrity manufacturing to improve data quality and precision
  • high volume, low cost production of arrays
  • suitability for life science and IVD applications
  • ISO 13485 and GMP compliant

Our Solution

  • 24-assay disc array developed with non-contact sample introduction port for compatibility with fully automated instrument
  • utilized existing DVD disc manufacturing technology for cost-effective production
  • integrated flow cell design
  • precision grade markings for disc identification and indexing
  • laser bonding facilitates rapid manufacturing
  • packaged and labeled for end-user
  • compliance with both IVD and RUO markets

Our Service

  • Design
  • Mastering
  • Molding
  • Bonding
  • Packaging