Aurora Vigilant



Aurora Vigilant is a stand-alone software package that provides real time task and maintenance status on all laboratory equipment allowing for paperless recording. 

The Advantage

  • Task management is easy via a simple user interface
  • Web based application allows the completion of tasks at the instrument via a handheld device
  • Tasks can be scheduled for completion using daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly intervals
  • Tasks can be linked to enforce SOPs
  • Task/Instrument associated documents such as service contracts or SOPs can be stored and retrieved
  • Email and on screen alerts warn users of coming or overdue tasks
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
  • Removes the need for a paper based task management system

The Brief

Central Pennsylvania Alliance Laboratory (CPAL) was in need of a system for tracking maintenance  tasks associated with their donor and clinical testing operation.  Their current process was labor intensive and involved a large amount of paperwork and user intervention when trying to record tasks.  To streamline maintenance activities and be certain the equipment was in working condition they decided to implement aurora Vigilant.  This is the summarized requirement list from CPAL:

  • Must reduce the need for tracking tasks on paper
  • Must be centrally located with access via internal network
  • Tasks must be easily reviewed and retrieved
  • Tasks must be able to be completed via a handheld device within the labs
  • System must be 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
  • A hierarchy of user access levels must exist (i.e. admins, managers, technicians)

Our Solution

Vigilant was installed and CPAL and once validated, it was put  into use.  The benefits of their new paperless system were immediate.  Once all the tasks were entered into the system the technicians could quickly and reliably figure out what tasks they needed to complete.  Managers could keep track of their overall laboratory status via Vigilant’s simple dashboard.  This is a brief summary of the benefits seen by CPAL:

  • Tasks could be completed and viewed easily on the PC.
  • Decreased paperwork throughout the laboratory
  • Generating Maintenance or Instrument reports was simplified into an electronic version
  • Managers could view the status of maintenance activities in the laboratories
  • Regulatory audits were less daunting because of Vigilant’s Audit logging system