Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Since its inception, STRATEC has embraced a personal responsibility towards its people, the community and the environment. This philosophy continues to guide the day-to-day work of employees and STRATEC maintains close links to local and regional communities and their administrative structures. Sustainable and responsible entrepreneurial action remain a key priority at our company.

Our Commitment to climate protection

At STRATEC, environmental protection is a priority. We are committed to ensuring that resources in all processes are used as economically as possible; from innovative, resource-efficient product design right through to environmentally friendly waste disposal. In addition to this, we take great care in reducing our greenhouse gas emissions from all business activities as far as possible.

As we take our responsibility for climate protection seriously, we have set ourselves an ambitious climate target that is in-line with the Paris Agreement goal to limit global warming to less than 2°C: By 2030, we aim to reduce our Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 30% compared to 2019. To achieve this, STRATEC is implementing a company-wide conversion to renewable energy.

Alongside this, starting in 2020, we are taking our climate protection commitment one step further and we are now compensating for our remaining carbon footprint through carbon offsetting. As a result, STRATEC will become a climate neutral company before the end of 2020.


For the compensation of unavoidable CO2 emissions due to building heating and the vehicle pool, we are supporting two certified emission reduction projects in Cambodia and Peru.

Safe drinking water

The project in Cambodia addresses the problem of safe drinking water by constructing and disseminating ceramic water purifiers to households, particularly in rural areas. The water filters are manufactured locally and can supply drinking water for a family of five for up to seven years; all without need for energy. Thus, they directly reduce CO2 emissions by replacing traditional treatment methods of boiling water using non-renewable biomass.

Forest Protection in Peru

In addition to this, we support a forest protection project that prevents deforestation in the Vilcabamba Amboró Conservation Corridor in the Peruvian Amazon. The project works closely with the nearby communities to help them protect their surrounding forests from encroachment and illegal logging. Training programs support livelihoods by enabling sustainable timber production. As a result, an area of about 100,000 hectares is protected from deforestation. Besides retaining the forest’s function as a carbon sink, the project also contributes to the protection of an invaluable habitat for indigenous tribes and many endangered species of flora and fauna.

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