Corporate Compliance

Corporate Compliance

STRATEC has pooled its group-wide codes of conduct, ethical principles, and other guidelines in its Corporate Compliance Policy.

STRATEC’s Compliance Policy is binding for all employees and is updated at set intervals to account for the regularly updated risk analysis. At STRATEC, an understanding of corporate compliance is viewed as a key cornerstone of day-to-day business operations both within the company and in its external dealings. In this respect, compliance with a variety of legal systems and statutory regulations is just as important as compliance with ethical principles.

STRATEC’s Corporate Compliance Policy includes the following elements:

  • Preventing corruption, i.e. upholding the integrity necessary in business dealings, and in particular the prohibition of any illegitimate exercising of influence
  • Regular training of employees and information material on the intranet and bulletin boards
  • Compliance with all requirements set by law and the respective authorities, as well as with internal requirements
  • The obligation to ensure fair, respectful working conditions at the company
  • The provision of assistance to enable employees to avoid conflicts of interest between private and business matters
  • Compliance with the requirements of capital market, antitrust, and tax laws
  • Copyright and license conformity
  • Respectful and professional conduct at the company.



Compliance with legal, social, and internal company requirements is a key aspect of STRATEC’s corporate principles. Any failure to comply with these requirements may result in substantial damages for the company or for individuals. By detecting severe infringements at early stage, however, STRATEC can reduce potential risks and thus limit or entirely avoid any resultant potential damages for employees and other stakeholders.

You may be aware of harmful forms of conduct, infringements of policies, or risks that may endanger the company or individual persons. If so, we would ask you to communicate your notification anonymously and securely to STRATEC using the reporting tool described below.

Details can be found in STRATEC's Procedure for Complaints Process:

Your report may involve notifying us of potential or actual infringements of rights or other misconduct. Furthermore, complaints may also refer to human rights-related and environmental risks or breaches of human rights-related or environmental obligations that have arisen due to STRATEC’s business activities either within the company itself or in its supply chain.

If you click on the reporting tool below, you will be forwarded to an external site where you can communicate your notification securely and anonymously to STRATEC.

Once your notification has been received at STRATEC, you will receive confirmation of receipt within a suitable deadline (generally within 7 calendar days). The notification will then be reviewed centrally to enable the issue reported to be classified correctly (e.g. to assess whether it is a specific or actual infringement of rights, misconduct, a human rights-related or environmental risk or an infringement of human rights-related or environmental obligations). A review is also performed to ascertain which STRATEC company or which supplier the notification refers to. Where possible and desired, the person processing the notification remains in contact with you throughout the entire process.

The next step is to clarify the issue, a process which generally takes place within one month. If clarification of the issue establishes that an infringement or misconduct has taken place, remedial measures are initiated immediately. You can remain anonymous through the whole of the dialog for as long as you wish.