About Us

Innovation and Experience

STRATEC is a world leading partner for fully automated analyzer systems, software for laboratory data management, and smart consumables.

Building on an unparalleled breadth of technology and the expertise gained in nearly forty years of automating laboratory processes, STRATEC has established itself as one of the world’s leading providers of automation solutions for in-vitro diagnostics and life science companies.

We have consistently extended our business model and aligned it ever more closely to the needs of our partners. That is why in addition to pure instrumentation we now cover virtually the entire value chain for the specification, design, manufacture and approval of complex analyzer system solutions – developing and integrating complex consumables, instrumentation and complementary middleware laboratory software.

We have always been an early mover when it comes to seizing new technologies and applications and integrating these into our existing technology portfolio, whether by way of proprietary development work or in partnership with our customers.

Our Values

As the innovative and technological market leader for automation and instrumentation solutions in in vitro diagnostics, we seek to offer our worldwide partners first class solutions and thereby share responsibility toward their customers and patients.

Our success is based on the talents and skills of our employees and their commitment to always perform the extraordinary. Their performance allows for the successful and sustainable development of our company in the interest of all its stakeholders.

Our partnerships are built on mutual trust, continuity and professionalism and with our partners we share a common mission to develop safe, innovative, market-leading products that consistently fulfill customer expectations. For STRATEC, partnership means responsibility, passion and commitment, to both our customers and our products, that goes well beyond the duration of the product life cycle.

Since its inception, STRATEC has embraced a personal responsibility towards its people, the community and the environment. This philosophy continues to guide the day-to-day work of employees and STRATEC maintains close links to local and regional communities and their administrative structures. Sustainable and responsible entrepreneurial action remain a key priority at our company.

STRATEC is a major employer for many citizens in the area around its Birkenfeld headquarters and other areas in which the divisions operate. STRATEC has worked very closely with regional suppliers and local tradesmen to demonstrate its commitment and become an integral part of these communities. These efforts are viewed as core components of sustainable business success. This creates a sense of personal responsibility towards our people and our environment, one that is the basis of our day-to-day work. Structures evolve as a result, and these are then lived and mapped onto other locations.

For inquiries regarding STRATEC’s Corporate Sustainability Policy, please contact csr@stratec.com

STRATEC Succeeds When its Partners Succeed

The STRATEC Group is committed to continually enhancing its processes and service quality. One of STRATEC’s fundamental obligations is to structure its business processes so that it and its partners – diagnostics and life science companies operating in highly regulated worldwide markets – meet regulatory and legal requirements in a continually changing environment. STRATEC’s commitment to satisfy regulatory standards enhances its partners’ positions in their respective markets.

STRATEC’s success is derived from the economic viability of its partners. Clearly defined processes throughout the value chain, from the initial development steps through to serial production, play a crucial role in safeguarding permanent market success. At the same time, a flexible quality management system also facilitates compliance with the necessary international requirements enabling STRATEC to work together with its OEM partners to access new markets rapidly and efficiently.

STRATEC’s complaint handling system supports the service and vigilance process – as well as its partners’ risk management – by offering interdisciplinary error analyses and risk assessments. Additionally, STRATEC actively involves its partners in relevant control steps within the change process.

DIN EN ISO 13485

FDA registered (21 CFR teil 820 konform)
CSA/UL registered

Company Structure



Your Experts in Hematology and Clinical Chemistry

The Diatron business unit develops, manufactures and markets hematology analyzers, clinical chemistry analyzers, and associated reagents for human medical and veterinary use. Diatron’s expertise enables STRATEC to develop and produce smaller-scale systems and modules, thus rounding out its portfolio.

Board of Management

Marcus Wolfinger

Board of Management


Chairman, Board of Management

Place of Birth:


Birth Date:

July 27, 1967


Graduate in business administration

Career at STRATEC:

Joined the company on March 1, 1998 and appointed to Board of Management on July 1, 1999. Chairman of Board of Management since April 1, 2011; appointed until November 10, 2023.

Dr. Robert Siegle

Member, Board of Management
Finances and Human Resources


Member, Board of Management, Finances and Human Resources

Place of Birth:


Birth Date:

May 16, 1967



Career at STRATEC:

Member of the Supervisory Board since the company’s conversion to a stock corporation in May 1998; Retirement from Supervisory Board as of December 31, 2010 due to forthcoming appointment to Board of Management; Member of the Board of Management since February 1, 2011; appointed until November 10, 2023.

Dr. Claus Vielsack

Member, Board of Management
Product Development


Member, Board of Management, Product Development

Place of Birth:


Birth Date:

August 27, 1967


Graduate in chemistry

Career at STRATEC:

Joined the company on September 1, 1998, has held various senior product development positions; Member of the Board of Management responsible for product development since February 15, 2014; appointed until November 10, 2023.

Supervisory Board

Dr. Frank Hiller

Supervisory Board


Chairman, Supervisory Board

Place of Birth:


Birth Date:

May 23, 1966


Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering

Career at STRATEC:

Chairman of the Supervisory Board since May 29, 2019; appointed until the end of the AGM releasing the Supervisory Board from responsibility for the 2023 fiscal year

Rainer Baule

Deputy Chairman
Supervisory Board


Deputy Chairman, Supervisory Board

Place of Birth:


Birth Date:

October 2, 1948


Degree in Business Administration and Engineering

Career at STRATEC:

Deputy Chairmain of the Supervisory Board since June 14, 2017; appointed until the end of the AGM releasing the Supervisory Board from responsibility for the 2023 fiscal year.

Prof. Dr. Stefanie Remmele

Supervisory Board


Member, Supervisory Board

Place of Birth:


Birth Date:

April 4, 1978


Graduate in Electrical Engineering

Career at STRATEC:

Member of the Supervisory Board since June 18, 2014; appointed until the end of the AGM releasing the Supervisory Board from responsibility for the 2023 fiscal year.




Stratec is founded in Birkenfeld, Germany


Medical Systems

First medical systems are developed


New Systems

Systems for bio- and chemi-luminescence and coagulation applications are launched


Automation Platform

Development work on an automation platform for microplate applications commences


Location US

STRATEC Biomedical Inc. is founded in the US


Publicity traded company

STRATEC becomes a publicity traded company



STRATEC NewGen GmbH is founded in Birkenfeld, Germany


Robion AG

Robion AG is founded in Switzerland


Sanguin International Ltd.

Acquisition of Sanguin International Ltd. (UK) and its US subsidiary


Location Romania

STRATEC Biomedical Systems S.R.L. is founded in Romania



Acquisition of Invitek Gesellschaft für Biotechnik & Biodesign mbH in Berlin, Germany


Ballista Inc.

Acquisition of Ballista Inc. in Newbury Park, California, USA


Location China

STRATEC Biomedical (Taicang) is founded in China



Acquisition of Diatron MI PLC, Budapest, Hungary


STRATEC Consumables (Sony DADC BioSciences)

Acquisition of Sony DADC BioSciences, now STRATEC Consumables