RTP® Technology – Ready to Prep

Maximizing convenience in the processing of pathogen-containing samples

The RTP range of products is based on STRATEC Molecular’s unique, patent-protected non-chaotropic chemistry. RTP products allow the process of DNA/RNA purification from pathogen-containing samples to be greatly simplified.

All reagents required for DNA/RNA preparation-- including lysis buffer, proteinase and/or lysozyme, carrier nucleic acid (for enhanced recovery of low amounts of target sequences)-- and internal DNA extraction control (for monitoring extraction efficiency and PCR amplification) are provided as a lyophilized master mix in a single extraction tube. This reagent set is always ready-to-use and stable at room temperature. The extraction process is initiated simply by adding a sample.


• Faster, more convenient DNA and/or RNA sample preparation via reduced handling and preparation time
• Maximum user safety
• Lyophilized components in a single extraction tube, ready-to-use, with no pre-mixing of reagents required
• Stable at room temperature. No refrigerator space is consumed, no need to thaw reagents
• Less waste with fewer plastic tips and vessels used