PSP® Technology – Pre-analytical Sample Processing

Optimized sample processing for molecular diagnostics

The PSP product portfolio is based on STRATEC Molecular’s the unique and proprietary non-chaotropic chemistry of STRATEC Molecular. It comprises an integrated sample management system-- from sample collection, DNA stabilization, transportation, storage through to purification – all conveniently combined in one a single kit.

The unique PSP buffer composition allows for a reliable stabilization of DNA in stool, saliva or swab samples. The stabilized samples preserve bacterial titers and can even be stored or transported at room temperature without degradation.

The purification protocol has been carefully optimized for a fast and efficient isolation of highly purified DNA from host and pathogens.


• Reliable stabilization of host and pathogen DNA in stool, saliva or swab samples at room temperature
• Safer sample handling of bacteria with optimized pre-lysis of bacteria
• Preservation of bacterial titers at the time of sampling
• Reliable sample collection in easy-to-handle, re-sealable tubes
• Suitable sets of extraction kits for a variety of purposes available at STRATEC Molecular