Universal Nucleic Acid Purification Product Line

Superior flexibility combined with efficient sample and cost management

The STRATEC Molecular Universal kit series simplifies laboratory workflows by using one uniform protocol for purification of different nucleic acids from a variety of molecular diagnostic relevant samples. The InviMag and Invisorb Universal kits provide a robust and reliable purification system for genomic DNA, bacterial DNA, viral DNA and viral RNA. Collecting batches of similar specimens or sorting by nucleic acid type is not necessary anymore. One kit can be used for various applications of infectious and genetic diseases diagnostics either in combination with several robotic systems or for manual use.


Isolation Technology

Automated on

Invisorb Spin Universal Kit

spin columns

InviMag Universal Kit/ IG

magnetic beads

InviGenius PLUS

InviMag Universal Kit/ KF96

magnetic beads

KingFisher (Flex)96

InviMag Universal Kit/ KFDuo

magnetic beads

KingFisher Duo

InviMag Universal Kit/ STARlet

magnetic beads


Invisorb Universal HTS 96 Kit/ STARlet

filter plate


Simplification of the daily routine towards the use of one uniform protocol for all applications reduces the average cost, labor and sources of error.


  • One kit for a variety of starting materials and isolation of different nucleic acids under uniform conditions
  • One chemistry for use in combination with spin columns, filter plates or magnetic beads
  • Efficient utilization of 96 well plates


  • Time saving and less error prone
  • Less preparation steps – no mixing up different reagents
  • Higher costs efficiency and less sample processing management during daily laboratory work
  • For various applications either in combination with several robotic systems or for manual use


  • Realized yields and sensitivities are comparable with specialized kits
  • Excellent simultaneous isolation of internal extraction controls

Ensured sensitivity

The data presented in the table below demonstrate the equivalence of the universal protocol in terms of sensitivity of extracted nucleic acids from clinical samples compared to specific manual or automated methods for the extraction of genomic DNA, bacterial DNA, viral RNA and DNA.