Thermo Scientific KingFisher™ Systems

The InviMag kits for medium and high throughput applications using magnetic particles are designed for use on the KingFisher mL, KingFisher Flex 96 and KingFisher Duo platforms. The kits isolate high quality genomic DNA, total RNA or DNA and/or RNA from pathogens using specially functionalized magnetic particles (InviMag beads) for DNA and RNA purification.


  • High throughput - up to 96 samples per run
  • Purification of a large variety of samples from multiple sources
  • Cross contamination free process
  • Ready-to-use and customized purification protocols


  • Protocols and software can be simply downloaded from the manual section of the respective products
  • Special program solutions can be tailored for customers on request

KingFisher BindIt Software

  • KingFisher 96/ Flex96/ Duo: version 3.2
  • KingFisher mL: version 3.1

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