Tholos VMI-100

Precise Measurement - Accurate Results

  • Dispense / aspirate verification
  • Volume measurement for dilution / normalization
  • Determination of remaining volume (e.g. sample stock control)

The Tholos VMI-100  instrument measures the volume of liquids in a micro-titer plate. It determines well volume by sealing and pressurizing individual wells. It is able to accurately and repeatedly measure the contents of a well without regard to the shape of the well, type of plastic, or color of material. The Tholos VMI-100 is available as a process control for nearly all types of liquid handling processes performed in micro-titer plates. Available for 96 and 384 plates, minimum resolution of the instrument is 1% of the well volume.

For any further information please download the Tholos VMI-100 brochure here.