Middleware Solution

A robust, intuitive, scalable software solution designed to improve laboratory workflow, maximize efficiency, improve compliance and quality control

Aurora Touch software sits between laboratory instruments and the laboratory LIMS interfaced to multiple instruments and connected to the host system to more effectively manage samples, collate the results, handle the retest/reflex management and transfer the final results to the LIMS system.

Aurora Touch is designed to improve the efficiency of workflow management because it has the ability to:

• Import information and requests from external systems (LIMS)
• Perform all of the data reduction and qualification steps on raw data (such as sample and test data) to produce results
• Produce final results from a variety of analyzers
• Handle retest-reflex management
• Store, retrieve and report results
• Export results in user-defined formats
• Ensure security and establish an audit trail
• Manage work lists
• Instrument load balancing

Examples of Utilization can be found here.