Interface Solution

Aurora Touch contains a data management scripting module for rapid interfacing to automated analyzers and client host (LIMS) systems. This scripting module facilitates electronic data exchange between any external source and STRATEC software offering a robust and effective interface solution.

The scripting module can be:

• Front end to import into Aurora
• Back end of lab processes where data needs to be transferred externally in a specific format

For example:

• Interfacing with the LIMS to import sample data from a host donor system
• Interfacing with a decapper to retrieve sample data
• Creating a device interface for a lab analyzer
• Interfacing multiple sequential analyzers
• Reporting to external donor systems
The scripting module accepts data transfer in a variety of formats (ASTM, HL7 and XML).

Scripting can be customized to meet client needs.

Examples of Utilization can be found here.