Aurora AccLaIM

Aurora AccLaIM is software for accessioning – compiling results information for complete test order profile management

Aurora AccLaIM can generate test orders (profile or individual tests) and reconcile orders versus samples received.
Aurora AccLaIM reports at the client level and can accept initial orders manually or by electronic file transfer and barcode scanners. Orders can also be generated within Aurora or imported from a Laboratory Information System (LIMS) or other device, such as a decapping or racking device. Additionally, Aurora AccLaIM has the ability to electronically generate billing data.

Other benefits include:
• Batch entry screen to allow users entering sample numbers into a batch and assign a test profile to sample numbers
• Barcode scanner can be used to provide accurate and efficient entry of sample data into AccLaIM database
• Import of electronic test requests from any external system (ie donor information system)
• Barcode scanner can be used to confirm the receipt of samples by batch number or individual sample number
• Flexibilty to use both manual accessioning and electronic importing of test requests
• Built in security access containing an audit log of safety critical actions
• Can be used together with Aurora as a LIMS Lite solution

Examples of Utilization can be found here.