Examples of Utilization

Aurora has a broad range of functionality and can be utilized differently depending on the laboratory requirements

Aurora Touch is installed as an interface and middleware solution in a privately owned virology department to connect a Panther and a Tigris to the existing LIS.
These analyzers are processing four viral marker assays which can be analyzed on either analyzer to balance “mixed” workloads.
Aurora streamlines the workflow and data handling of the confirmatory testing process (retest strategy of CT and GC positive samples).

Some of the additional benefits of this type of system include:
• LIS Connectivity – Multiple systems in a lab require multiple LIS/LIMS connections. Using Aurora Touch will reduce this to one
• New Implementations – Easy to add new assays
• Multiple Database attachments (live, training, validation, archive, etc.)
• Reflex Testing – Ease of a combination positive result to be rescheduled for RETEST/REFLEX on either connected system
• File Upload – Use Aurora Touch connection to enable upload of other files, bypassing the use of USB sticks

Aurora is the software of choice in a publically run blood and transplant center which is responsible for the provision of blood components and tissues where approximately 2.1 million donations are tested each year.

Aurora is used in microbiology screening for 9 markers equating to 10 million tests analyzed per year.

Aurora software is installed at two main sites operating as a “middleware” solution and providing comprehensive interfaces to a range of analyzers and robotic samplers.
Aurora and its associated modules harvest the data, manage the samples and retests and reporting of final results to the hospital LIMS.

The introduction of Aurora has led to the improved management of sample handling and in particular the efficient handling of control reagents. This is expected to lead to significant cost savings.

Aurora software provides long-term data storage including sample archiving for the prompt retrieval of stored sample material.

The system utilizes standard databases and automated fail safe back-up systems to provide a robust and secure platform for long-term data storage.

Aurora is acting as a LIMS Lite installation in a large high-throughput serology laboratory testing 6 million units per year (x3 assays). The installed software system consists of Aurora (core software), Aurora AccLaIM (accessioning software), Aurora Morpheus (scripting software), Liberty SRImport and interfaced to multiple automated analyzer platforms.

The LIMS Lite system:
• Downloads sample requests from the donor system
• Sample receipt is confirmed electronically via the AccLaIM software
• Aurora imports test result data from the specified instrumentation
• Once a sample profile is complete, the sample + results data is exported from the AccLaIM database to the donor system

Aurora is used with multiple analyzers working sequentially. This type of testing system enables seamless integration of data between involved and connected systems.

Aurora handles the sequential NAT Testing involving four interconnected devices:
• Liquid handling device (primary sample set-up)
• Purification (DNA/RNA) device
• PCR set-up device
• Liquid handling device (amplification detection)

Aurora software manages the workflow, including initial work list download and the upload of qualified test results back to the LIS.
Aurora Touch identification of plates and reagent is through barcode recognition technology. The internal file exchange is controlled through Aurora software which communicates bi-directional with a centralized information system to download sample requests for performing PCR based testing and upload the corresponding result.