STRATEC Data Management collaborates with its partners to solve their software and data management challenges and delivers either off-the-shelf or tailored solutions.

OEM Software
Create additional functionality within your analyzer or offer a branded middleware package to the laboratory via OEM software. STRATEC Data Management has long standing partnerships with many of the world’s leading diagnostic companies and provides fully embedded core data management functions inside some of the world’s most successful lab analyzers... seamlessly.

Middleware – Open “Off-the-Shelf” Solutions
Robust, intuitive, scalable software designed to improve laboratory workflow, maximize efficiency, improve compliance and quality control. Modular software with the ability to function as a complete operational support suite and the flexibility to grow with laboratory needs. Minimal configuration required in the laboratory. Solutions which are supported by our technical team either onsite or remotely. High quality proven solutions with over 4,500 systems deployed worldwide.

Full System Solution

The demands of running a compliant, highly-efficient laboratory operation, presents a challenge. Regardless of the laboratory size STRATEC Data Management can offer support. Aurora is installed in laboraties processing 20,000+ samples per day. Linking multiple instruments, collating results, managing reflex and re-testing and tracking quality control, are just a few of the services offered. Some of the world’s busiest laboratories trust STRATEC Data Management to develop and install customized software solutions.