About Us

A leader in the development of laboratory software

STRATEC Data Management is a world leader in the development of laboratory software. For more than 30 years, it has provided software systems to laboratories, diagnostic companies and instrument manufacturers throughout the world.
STRATEC Data Management focuses on delivering software solutions which offer flexibility, reliability and field experience, enabling its partners to focus on their core business. Its core competence is in providing customized, off-the-shelf software solutions to meet specific operational needs within diagnostic screening and testing laboratories.


  •  Software design enabling efficient, off-the-shelf solutions with highly customized functionality
  •  Business arrangements tailored to support partner needs, including customized contracts for development, manufacturing, supply and support

  • High quality, proven solutions backed by 4,500 worldwide installations
  • Project management processes that ensure partners have what they need within budget
  • Design control, testing documentation and supply documentation takes the guesswork out of software development

Field Experience
  • Direct experience in laboratory environments enables STRATEC Data Management’s leadership and design team to understand the goals behind its partner’s requirements, allowing STRATEC to work collaboratively with stakeholders – from development teams to commercialization – to deliver products that truly meet the market need.
  • Developing 510(k) cleared software solutions for the highly regulated donor screening community, ensures STRATEC Data Management is positioned to complement the regulatory process of its business partners.

STRATEC Data Management understands the requirements needed for regulatory clearance of products and works within the appropriate guidelines to design, develop and deliver solutions that meet regulatory standards.