Smarter Nucleic Acid Sample Preparation

STRATEC Molecular delivers off-the-shelf products and OEM solutions for:

  • Nucleic Acid extraction for a wide variety of sample materials

  • Purification for diagnostic purposes

  • Human DNA/RNA sample stabilization upon collection

Together with innovative automation, instrumentation and software solutions, STRATEC offers an entire range of fully automated system solutions for tomorrow’s challenges in NAT sample preparation.

Validated workflow for Liquid Biopsy samples


SCIENION's Workshop Series DIAGNOSTICS 7.0

21.08.2017 | Innovative Solutions for Multiplexed Tests

Validated workflow for Liquid Biopsy samples

20.02.2017 | Download the pdf - Validated and ready-to-use workflow from sample to extracted cfDNA

New InviGenius PLUS brochure

08.11.2016 | Download the pdf and take a look at the new PLUS features