Technologies Overview

The development of non-chaotropic chemistry for nucleic acid sample preparation represents a major milestone in the history of DNA/RNA purification methods because this chemical process does not disrupt and denature the structure of macromolecules. Exclusively through non-chaotropic chemistry, the most gentle buffers may be employed, allowing for highly efficient enzymatic lysis of complex samples and for nucleic acid purification. Furthermore, the use of low salt concentrations enables the development of very fast DNA/RNA purification protocols.

Leveraging this unique and proprietary core technology, STRATEC Molecular has developed several innovative sample preparation and purification solutions:

STRATEC Molecular’s technologies are the basis for a wide range of ready-to-use kits, suitable for the manual preparation of highly purified nucleic acids, as well as high-throughput purification of DNA and/or RNA from various starting materials on well-established automated laboratory workstations, manifolds and centrifuges.

  • MSB® – Minimal Salt Binding: faster protocols without washing steps for DNA fragments
  • RTP® – Ready to Prep: carrier, lytic enzymes and internal standards all in one tube; stable at room temperature for samples containing pathogens
  • PSP® – Pre-analytical Sample Processing: DNA sample stabilization for stool, swab and saliva samples

Additional innovations introduced by STRATEC Molecular include:

  • InviTrap® - Selectively removes of assay-interfering DNA from RNA purifications and isolates genomic DNA from extremely small amounts of highly contaminated biological materials
  • InviMag® - Combines innovative nucleic acid purification technologies with easy handling of surface modified magnetic particles