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Product Focus

A Universal Protocol for the Extraction of Nucleic Acids from Clinical Specimens Adapted to Different Laboratory Automation Platforms


PCR-based Mycoplasma detection in biopharmaceutical production: Development of an integrated sample preparation and detection work-flow

Automated DNA extraction from large volume samples using the InviGenius

An Automated Workflow for the Analysis of the mSEPT9 Colorectal Cancer Early Detection Marker in Blood Plasma: Epi proColon Early Detection Assay with the InviGenius; Epigenomics Poster, IFCC 2011

Reproducible, walk-away purification of genomic DNA from 200 µl - 1.2 ml of whole blood using the InviMag Blood DNA Kits/ IG on the InviGenius

KingFisher Systems

High throughput RNA isolation from bovine endometrial epithelial cells using the InviMag Universal RNA Mini Kit on the KingFisher Flex

Rapid and reproducible DNA isolation from 1 ml of whole blood with Thermo Scientific KingFisher Flex; Thermo Scientific Application Note Lit no: AP-MIB-KFFLEX-0508

Analysis of the Mutation in the Human DPYP Gene from Human Blood Using the InviMag Blood Mini Kit with the Thermo Scientific KingFisher mL Instrument ; Thermo Scientific Application Note AP-MIB-KFML01-0907, September 2007

High-sensitive detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis from human clinical samples using the InviMag Bacteria DNA Mini Kit/ KFmL with the Thermo Scientific KingFisher mL instrument; Thermo Scientific Application Note AP-MIB-KFML01-0907, September 2007

High-Sensitive Isolation of the BVD Virus from Bovine Plasma Pools; Thermo Scientific Application Note Lit no: AP-MIB-KF01-0407, April 2007

Purification of Forensic DNA Samples with the KingFisher Magnetic Particle Processor and Characterization of the Purified DNA; Thermo Scientific Technical Note Lit no: TN-MIB-FRS01-0506

Tecan Freedom Evo

High scale genotyping of three-spined stickleback using the Invisorb DNA Tissue HTS 96 Kit with the robotic workstation Freedom Evo 200 from Tecan; STR AN 8C3bR/Tecan/03/2009


Automated Purification of DNA from up to 10 ml whole blood samples