GEMINI – The Easy and Affordable Move to Automation for the ELISA Application

A full walk-away solution, offering unequaled flexibility and superior quality of results for the midsize laboratory

  • Smart time-management allows processing up to 3 microplates simultaneously
  • Ease of use in application and maintenance
  • Designed with sample and reagent ID-barcode reading, in-tip dilution reducing consumable costs
  • Intuitive and highly flexible open software with complete data reduction and LIS interfaces
  • Integrated pc and touchscreen eliminates the need for an external workstation

On the basis of more than 6,000 ELISA workstations worldwide the reliable analyzer meets the demands for a high level of automation. This user-friendly Tube-In Result-Out system is designed to serve various fields of EIA applications such as infectious diseases, allergy or food diagnostics.

STRATEC’s Gemini imparts cost-savings, safety and highest flexibility contributing to a smooth laboratory workflow and has therefore advanced to a powerful partner.

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