For more than 30 years, STRATEC has strived to achieve market-leading expertise and to build a technology pool that is unique to its industry. This enables its partners to benefit from large numbers of existing components and thus from substantially shorter development cycles. This invaluable expertise is supplemented by a broad intellectual property (IP) portfolio that is continually extended by innovative new developments.

The large number of existing patented components and technologies form the basis of the modular construction of most of STRATEC’s systems. This enables rapid system development at a low technical risk for partners, while guaranteeing “freedom to operate” in many areas. Protecting and safeguarding the exclusivity of its partners’ existing intellectual property rights represents a fundamental foundation of STRATEC’s collaborations.

STRATEC’s outstanding technological competence covers the fields of hardware (including liquid handling systems), automation, and user interfaces, as well as electronics development (including process monitoring systems and distributed architectures). This not only significantly reduces development times, but also improves the servicing process for systems in the field.

By focusing its software development on usability and workflow, STRATEC aims to make highly complex applications easy and transparent for its users, whether they are end users or service engineers.

The wealth of experience acquired over the years in developing complex systems has enabled STRATEC to devise high-performance tools to ensure that development work is consistent with regulatory requirements. These range from documentation and workflow systems, to testing tools and reliability growth models. This established infrastructure is subject to ongoing optimization and allows STRATEC’s developers and the company’s partners to channel all of their energy during development into the needs of the specific project – and thus collectively succeed in achieving their respective targets.