Services & Solutions

As a one-stop service provider for OEM automation and instrumentation solutions, STRATEC supports its partners throughout all stages of the product development lifecycle.

Working together with its partners, STRATEC plans and designs the joint project – from initial concept design and producing requirements documentation through to the development of feasibility studies and trial preparations.

Here, STRATEC is able to provide all relevant components and capabilities necessary for the successful development of the instrument. This includes developing all of the hardware and software, including embedded software and GUI components, as well as co-developing reagent concepts and associated consumables. Furthermore, STRATEC also provides all instrument-related documentation needed to obtain approval. This enables STRATEC’s partners to channel their energy into developing their applications to achieve the fastest possible market launch.

STRATEC’s development teams consist of highly qualified engineers and natural scientists who liaise with the respective partner’s development team to integrate the applications and the instrument solution.

By working closely with a wide range of qualified suppliers over the entire product lifecycle, STRATEC is able to produce and deliver instruments to its partners under the agreed terms. During the active lifecycles of its instruments, STRATEC offers complete lifecycle management, including discontinuation management, adjustments to potential changes in the regulatory environment, and regular maintenance of user software to satisfy the latest industry standards and maintain its innovation and user-friendliness.

Even after delivery of the final serial instrument, STRATEC guarantees continued support required by the market and regulatory authorities for all active systems.