System solution development work is mainly performed in cooperation with STRATEC’s partners on site at the corporate headquarters in Birkenfeld, Germany. At present, system production mainly takes place in Birkenfeld and Beringen, Switzerland. Both locations are certified under ISO9001 and ISO13485, are FDA-registered, and are regularly audited.
STRATEC’s proven production strategy involves outsourcing a major share of actual production work, including relevant test processes, to suppliers that are supervised, certified and regularly audited. STRATEC then assembles the specific components and sees to the final system assembly and subsequent acceptance tests, including wet tests in the laboratory. Production processes at STRATEC’s module suppliers are validated in detail, thus guaranteeing consistently high quality levels that satisfy partner standards and the regulatory requirements imposed by the respective authorities.
Alongside instruments, STRATEC also supplies its partners with the necessary consumables, maintenance and spare parts, and offers a repair service for high-value components.