Aurora Vigilant

Intuitive software allowing laboratories to electronically manage, schedule and track in real-time, all routine maintenance tasks, eliminating the need for “paper based” manual recording

Aurora Vigilant tracks all lab maintenance, which includes work surface cleaning, instrument maintenance, electronic recording and maintenance history logs. It can be used to track maintenance by shift (daily, weekly, monthly) or by instrument status (indicating if it is out of use or not in service). Equipment status can be used to dictate which aspects of the system are actively managed.

Aurora Vigilant’s benefits include:

• Real-time tracking and recording of all routine laboratory maintenance activity
• Electronically scheduling reoccurring or ad-hoc tasks for all laboratory events
• Alerting users of scheduled routine maintenance due to be performed, ensuring results and activities fall within recommended guidelines
• Electronic storing of service history and maintenance contracts
• Task scheduling in many different market segments, not just laboratories
• Eliminating the need for manual recording, making it a paperless exercise

Compliance made easier taking the “hassle” out of laboratory inspections. Records are fully complete, approved and consistent with laboratory regulations and SOP’s.

With the ability to track and retrieve maintenance history by shift pattern (daily, weekly, monthly) or instrument status (not in use, out of service).

Input is made easy. Information can be entered using a simple EAN scanner or PDA.

Audits streamlined – electronic archiving of maintenance logs with full electronic audit trail/log.

Easy access to data from a single central workstation which can be accessed to display all the information stored within the software database.

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