Aurora Morpheus

Aurora Morpheus software is a module based on Visual Basic Scripting that facilitates electronic data exchange between any external source and data management software

Aurora Morpheus may be used to import sample data from donor systems, retrieve sample data from decappers, create a device interface for a laboratory analyzer, and report to external donor systems. Utilization of Aurora Morpheus enables rapid interfacing with new client systems or laboratory system components. Aurora Morpheus can accept and transfer data in different formats including flat file comma delimited format, ASTM, HL7, XML, serial data transmitted via a serial port, or direct database interaction. Aurora Morpheus can be utilized to create custom scripts or STRATEC Data Management may also provide low-cost, user-ready scripts.

Additional benefits of Aurora Morpheus software include:

• Data management scripting module allows inexpensive RAID interfacing to client systems
• Easy integration of all instrument and laboratory data
• Capturing data in any format, from any source and made available to any host system
• Enhancing analyzer functionality and connectivity
• A standard stand-alone or customized module to meet client requirements
• Facilitating the electronic data exchange between any external source and STRATEC software
• Front-end laboratory processing to import data
• Back-end of laboratory processing to transfer data externally in a specific format
• Accepts transfer data easily and in a number of standard formats (ASTM, HL7, XML)