Aurora Liberty SRImport

Aurora Liberty SRImport allows results to be imported from laboratory instruments – primarily chemistry analyzers – and consolidates predetermined results from external instruments.

The software does not contain any interpretation algorithms; it relies on the instrument for interpretation of results and quality control. Within the software, the operator has the ability to hold, review and invalidate data to prevent its export to an external system.

The software is independent both physically and intrinsically from the instruments and can therefore only rely on data received from each analyzer.

Instrument Interface – Connection to instruments is either via a low level RS232 Protocol that creates a flat file for import into the Liberty SRImport program or a file based transmission. The transmission protocol is instrument specific and follows the instrument manufacturer’s specifications.

Result Collection – Result data collected from the transmission protocol is formatted and imported to the Liberty SRImport GUI. At this stage, the operator may review, print and release the results. In addition the operator may hold or invalidate results to prevent export to an external LIS.