LIMS Lite Solution

In situations where there is no LIMS system or the system is not functional, Aurora can be configured to act as a potential LIMS Lite system.

Work orders can be entered directly into the Aurora Touch system or received from any external source (barcode reader/decapper). Results data can also be linked to patient demographic data.

Accessioning Capability

Aurora Touch has an accessory module (AccLaIM) which permits users to enter all sample orders which are to be tested and also to select the tests by profile requested. A test profile is defined as a combination of tests which are grouped together under one name, for example donor screening could include HIV, HBsAg, HCV, HAG etc. Orders maybe accessioned manually via keyboard/barcode scanner or received electronically and confirmed upon arrival at the testing laboratory. The accessioning entry process includes sample number, test profile order, center (Client) code and donation date.

The AccLaIM software tracks a sample to completion and allows the sample results to be exported to external (donor) systems. AccLaIM manages sample accessioning and final results while Aurora manages the testing components. AccLaIM and Aurora maintain independent audit trials and may share the same Windows PC or be installed separately.

Examples of Utilization can be found here.