Aurora Touch

Maximize lab workflow efficiency using Aurora Touch Software

Aurora Touch enhances workflow, increasing efficiency throughout the lab enabling connectivity between a variety of medical laboratory instruments and information systems.

Aurora Touch software features a graphical interface to capture and collate data provided by laboratory instrumentation. Data can be in the form of final results data or instrument reading data, where the software applies the required control validation and data reduction steps. The software includes functionality for sample management, results management and reporting. Aurora Touch is deployed in a broad range of work environments – from workstations that utilize minimal automation to sites handling over 16,000 blood donations per day (72,000 results records).

Aurora Touch has a broad range of functionality:

• Capture any data in any format from any source
• Interface multiple analytical platforms
• Dashboard display of critical information
• Import or export instrument date to host system
• Intuitive accessioning and test ordering module
• 510(k) cleared
• CE marked

Aurora Touch improves workflow management through:

• Importing information and requests from external systems (LIMS)
• Performing all of the data reduction and qualification steps on raw data (such as sample and test data) to produce results
• Producing final results from a variety of analyzers
• Handling retest-reflex management
• Storing, retrieving and reporting results
• Exporting results in user-defined formats
• Ensuring security and establishing an audit trail
• Managing work lists
• Instrument load balancing